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 We are proud that our wines are the expression of the principal denominations of the Verona area: the great white, Soave; the Lessini Durello sparkling wine; and the jewels of Valpolicella’s winemaking tradition.For the impressive Cantina di Soave, every glass of wine is the fruit of a shared dream, of the passionate commitment of an entire team, of expertise carefully honed over the years. For us, our local corner of earth is a precious treasure; that is the true wellspring of our dedication to developing and promoting appreciation of the native grapes of our area.

Soave, Valpolicella, Durello
the icons of our identity


Cantina di Soave boasts a software-based system installed in 1997, then further developed over the years, incorporating ever more-advanced functions. Directed by Agronomy Director Giuseppe Rama and by Technical Director Filippo Pedron, this system, extremely sophisticated and unlike any other in the world, allows real-time monitoring of all the vineyards belonging to Cantina di Soave’s grower-members, analysing data relating to soils, weather, vineyard health, and a host of out viticultural factors. When the grapes are brought into the cellar, the clusters are analysed and selected according to a full 17 different parameters. This from grape-to-bottle monitoring system makes it possible to achieve extremely high levels of quality.


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