Beginning with its founding, as far back as 1898, Cantina di Soave has followed a growth plan that has made it one of the leading and most prestigious wine producers on the Italian and international wine stage.  Year after year, it has painstakingly assembled a priceless mosaic of production sites and vineyards that today embrace five valleys in the eastern Verona area and span three famous DOC denominations, Soave, Valpolicella, and Durello.

Thanks to its avant-garde system of quality selection, Cantina di Soave is able to differentiate winemaking levels and categories in order to answer the requirements of an increasingly demanding and complex marketplace, offering a broad portfolio of wines that range from those meant for everyday enjoyment to ambitious wines styled for the most discriminating restaurants, wine shops, and enotecas in Italy and abroad. Cantina di Soave currently exports about half of its production, to more than 50 countries.

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In the shadow of the majestic medieval Castello di Soave, right up against the castle’s ancient walls, lies Borgo Rocca Sveva, a hamlet built in the Middle Ages that Cantina di Soave has transformed into a prestigious centre of wine culture. Borgo Rocca Sveva, with its picturesque cellars, elegant Wine Shop, flourishing botanical garden, and experimental vineyard, represents, in fact, a unique tribute to that culture, with an extraordinary amalgam of history, tradition, and quality.

Today, it is the home of the Rocca Sveva wines and classic-method sparkling wines, an extremely limited-production selection of absolute-quality products: pure beauty in the wineglass. Beauty is what the visitor will find, too, in strolling through the cellars amidst enormous oak ovals, endless rows of wine barrels and wooden riddling racks, where the still and sparkling wines rest through long years. Here, one is truly touring an underground, miniature city.

Borgo Rocca Sveva is not simply a place to visit, however, it is an adventure that should be personally experienced, offering many special events, tastings, conferences, and a whole host of activities that animate daily life here, to the delight of its more than 50,000 annual visitors.

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