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Anteprima Amarone 50° Anniversary: Cantina di Soave features its Amarone Riserva Rocca Sveva

On 3-5 February, the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Piazza Bra in Verona will be the venue once again for Anteprima Amarone, the Consorzio’s annual celebration spotlighting the King of Valpolicella…His Majesty Amarone.

This will be a special edition indeed because this year the Denomination is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its existence… and Cantina di Soave its own 150th anniversary! To celebrate this occasion in the most fitting manner possible, the historic wine producer will mark the milestone with two Rocca Sveva masterpieces, Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva DOCG 2011 and a rare and epochal vintage, Amarone Riserva – Collezione Speciale 2006.

The anniversary event will also feature tastings focusing on the vintage that is the subject of the Anteprima, 2014. In the words of Giancarlo Piubelli, the winemaker in charge of the Rocca Sveva Collezione portfolio, “The 2014 weather conditions and consequent vine-growth cycle resembled an obstacle course. Winter was mild and rainy throughout Italy, so much so that the temperatures almost never dipped below zero Co. Spring brought high initial temperatures, which in turn brought early budbreak, even as much as 20 days earlier than usual. Veraison and ripening, on the other hand, were delayed by persistent rain all over the peninsula in July. In August, northern Italy truly suffered, with 73% more rainfall than the 1971-2000 average. Looking at the vines themselves, this kind of weather meant that the various pests and diseases enjoyed favorable conditions for development. This situation forced the producers, assisted by winemakers and their technical staff, to combat problems with repeated vineyard treatments, and where those attacks were not blocked, they severely damaged both quantity and quality. Cantina di Save’s extensive network of growers, however, allowed it to carefully select and quality-grade grapes it brought in, remaining faithful to its quality standards. Thanks to rigorous procedures in selecting clusters during harvesting, grape acceptance and cluster-drying at the winery, the final quality of Amarone Rocca Sveva 2014 is fully in line with that of preceding years; the quantity finally produced, however, is down”.

Are you curious to taste the various vintages of our Amarone? We await you at the Cantina di Soave stand!

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