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Cantina di Soave – Headquarters opens

After almost three years of work and about 90 million euros of investment, one of the most important in the industry in the last decade on the national scene, on 20 September it will take place the grand opening of the headquarters of Cantina di Soave, in Viale della Vittoria in Soave, with the press and authorities.

At the end of the institutional moment, the President of Cantina di Soave Roberto Soriolo and the General Manager Bruno Trentini will show the commemorative plaque that will be affixed on the facade of the winery in memory and testimony of the significance and value of these impressive works of modernization and expansion: a total reorganization of the headquarters, on an area of over 11 hectares, of which 35 thousand square meters covered, from the phase of conferment to get to bottling, storage, logistics, offices.

Cantina di Soave is a tireless and continuous evolution, always in full respect of its origins, of the strong tradition of which it is the proud heir, as well as of the environment, which is the most precious good.