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Cantina di Soave: over 7 million euros invested in public works

Now proceeding apace is the expansion of Cantina di Soave’s main production facility, which will involve a total re-organisation of the entire complex, from grape reception area to the bottling lines. The new facility will be able to produce around 80 million bottles, almost triple the current production level.

Currently completed are the new automated warehouse, the shipping-receiving facility, logistics office, and the dining area.

The process that led Cantina di Soave to conceive and then launch its expansion was a very lengthy one, the fruit of a host of strategic decisions that were taken over many years. The process has been rich in challenges and courageous decisions, all of which have made the company what it is today. It should be underscored as well that this ambitious project is anything but totally self-contained, since its effects will spread throughout the entire surrounding area, with many positive impacts and significant social value. Heavy investments are being made in public works, in fact, amounting to over 7 million euros, largely in green belts and traffic improvements, which will benefit the entire community.

The expansion project affects not only the technical aspect of the buildings themselves, but will bring a total reorganisation of the overall flow of production-related activities. At the moment, access to the facility is only in Viale della Vittoria, which also serves as the main entrance to the town centre, with consequent congestion in the urban traffic network.

One of the main objectives of Cantina di Soave was to improve city access by shifting lorry traffic onto the new SP37 Strada dei Ciliegi ring road with the effect of improving the quality of life of those who live or regularly visit the centre. The overall intent is to make a positive improvement in how the internal townscape is perceived. One of the main elements in this plan are the public works projects that relate to public green areas; the location of green zones and connected parking areas has been under study, with an eye to re-organising the entire east frontage of the Cantina and improving the visual impact for those entering the town centre.

Other green surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, will be created, even inside the production plant, which will be designed to positively impact air quality and the facility environment by reducing solar ray reflection and adjusting the internal microclimate.

These plans constitute a further demonstration of Cantina di Soave’s careful attention to the welfare of its own area and to the community of which it is a part.