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Cantina di Soave: saving energy while increasing production

Respect for tradition and a love for its own corner of earth are the values that drive Cantina di Soave in its efforts to protect the environment. Even the current large-scale construction project that will enlarge the company headquarters in Viale della Vittoria, in Soave, is being carried out in a significantly green fashion.

Great attention is being paid to saving energy: the office building will be provided with an external shell that will rationalise energy use. All the other buildings will also be involved in improvements for saving energy.

The shell will be completely insulated, and a section of it will bear 437 solar panels, covering 717 square metres, which will produce renewable energy that will be utilised by the automated warehouse.

In addition, a new rainwater-management system has been designed, which will channel the water through “calming inlets” and then into drainage channels that will finally direct the water into groundwater reserves in the soil. Clean rainwater will thus go directly into the soil and aquifers rather than be wasted in sewer drains. The same is true of water runoff from the parking lots; it will first be purified by de-greasers that will remove and petroleum and carbon compounds and other impurities, and then it will be directed into the same channels.

There can be no true progress without attention paid to the environment. This awareness is what inspires the commitment by Cantina di Soave to protect and preserve its local environment.