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Cantina di Soave’s 2018 Calendar

The new year is just around the corner, and Cantina di Soave is in full preparation to celebrate an important milestone: our 120th anniversary. These 120 years have been an impressive journey through many decades, fascinating spaces, and the many emotions of those who have lived our history and of those who are still writing it, day after day.

Our annual calendar is precisely that: an invitation to take a journey of discovery through our history and in our own corner of earth, surrounded by ancient cities, countrysides stretching uninterrupted to the far horizon, and unexpected glimpses of incredible beauty.

Following our initial calendar, a visual exploration of Verona, and last year’s, set in Venice, this year we wanted to turn our gaze to another form of beauty: our own pure, pristine, and vibrant nature. Thus, our 2018 calendar is a tribute to an enchanted spot, one that is admired the world over but is above all the very symbol of the Italian way of life: Lake Garda.

Internationally-famed photographer Giò Martorana has surprised us once again: his rigorously black and white photos masterfully capture that light, that energy which is the very soul – the genius loci – of these places.

«Our calendar – explains Cantina di Soave General Manager Bruno Trentini – is above all an invitation to enter our world, to continue travelling together down the wonderful path begun so many years ago, in 1898. It is also an homage to Italian style, that expression which is so inimitable because it is an amalgam of quality, elegance, warmth, and pleasure. That style is important to us, and it precisely that which we strive to put into every glass of our wine».