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Cantina di Soave celebrates its 120th anniversary

Cantina di Soave was founded in 1898 and is thus celebrating this year its 120th anniversary. This represents a lengthy history, one that – just like our native grapes her – possesses roots that go far back in time and deep into the local earth.

An article printed at that time in the local newspaper, Arena, reported that on its founding in 1898, the Cantina had as its mission “the processing in common of grapes belonging to a specific number of individuals to produce, under the direction of a winemaker, a uniform amount of wine of a consistent style that would be superior to that made by separate individuals and that would meet the demands of today’s consumer”.
«The Cantina – reported the Chairman Attilio Carlesso – made an enormous contribution to the wine-producing identity of this area in the 1920s; following the crisis provoked by the world war and by the phylloxera disease, it made a significant contribution to the re-launching of the wine-based economy. In a certain sense, it served as a guide for the local population in their struggle to reclaim their own land. In fact, although it had its own economic objectives, the Cantina also had an inevitable and very far-reaching social impact. What may surprise us today is that the Cantina has not changed course over the years: it remains unchanged regarding its sense of responsibility with regard to the local area and its community, reflecting a commitment that is at once both economic and social and that translates into a shared sense of community well-being. All said and done, despite the passage of the years and of all the changes they have brought, the Cantina has remained faithful to what it was when it was launched in that far-off 1898: an act of love towards its own corner of earth and towards its own extraordinary fruits».

Today, the Cantina di Soave is one of the leaders in Italy and on the international stage and a recognised ambassador of the classic Verona-area denominations, starting with Soave, the area’s great white wine, through the sparkling Lessini Durello and ending with the true jewels of Valpolicella and the Garda areas. All of this is the felicitous result of a long journey of growth and modernisation, still in process, that has made the Cantina what it is today, an enormous extended family of 2,200 members, 2,200 families who live and work with passionate commitment to a great project in common.
«Looking at the future – observed Bruno Trentini, General Manager of Cantina di Soave – we have launched projects that are every bit as significant as what we have achieved in the past. To worthily celebrate our 120th anniversary, we will finish the huge enlargement project of the Cantina before the end of the year. This ambitious construction programme will ensure us the production capacity that will allow us to continue to be, far into the future, an uncompromising quality benchmark for our grapegrowers and for our entire area».

In the meantime, and for all of 2018, our brands Cadis, Rocca Alata, and Villa Rasina, will bear on their front labels the 120th anniversary gold medallion, a symbol that these wines, mainly of the Soave and Valpolicella denominations, will wear with pride, testifying to the great history of which they are a part.