Homage to beauty: Cantina di Soave’s 2017 Calendar

With the new year just over the horizon, Cantina di Soave will continue the adventure began last year, a journey of discovery of its own unique corner of earth. Following the inaugural calendar, which illustrated the captivating beauty of Verona, the Soave-based historic wine maison now explores another fascinating world: its 2017 calendar is designed as a tribute to a true world icon, a deeply-meaningful symbol, a timeless city where the past and present effortlessly duet together: Venice.

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Giò Martorana takes up the motif begun last year, with twelve large-format photographs that represent not so much Venice, but the aura of intense fascination that the city arouses.
As one observes the images and flows with the narrative among bridges, alleyways, palazzi, and canals, it becomes clear that the jet black of Venice’s gondolas, of its shadows, its masks, of its pianos even, is nothing other than the obverse of light, the city’s real face.
We seem to see frames of old black-and-white films: in place of colour, only a searing solarity that hints at and conjures up moments of allure immortalised by each click of the shutter.
The Venetian Baroque, its Carnevale, its world cinema festival, even its wine – one glimpses these treasures, but only between the lines of a slender tale that is loathe to reveal all it knows, and never dissipates that sense of mystery that lurks in the soul of Venice.
Cantina di Soave’s calendar thus becomes a symbolic journey, one that will traverse even the years yet to come, a voyage that is at the same time a tribute – through wine – to cities that have always made Italy great in the eyes of the world. The beauty of those places, their spaces, their scenarios, frozen in and for time, become thus a mirror of the quality of Cantina di Soave’s wines. Overall, this artwork is an authentic homage to that quintessentially-Italian lifestyle, composed of elegance and indescribable fascination, one that makes our country utterly distinctive and unique.