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«Honorable Mention» for our website is still fresh from its debut as the new website that Cantina di Soave designed for Maximilian I, the historic sparkling wine that has won a leading position in its category in the Italian off-trade, but the spotlight is already on it: the jury of the international website competition Awwwards has just bestowed on it their Honorable Mention.

Awwwards, which honors design, creativity and innovation on the internet, has already become an important benchmark in the web design industry, thanks an ever-more numerous community of designers, developers, graphic artists, digital managers, and sector experts who evaluate sites and award the best.

The awards represent the judgements and scores of the Awwwards community:

  • Sites of the Day
  • Sites of the Month
  • Sites of the Year
  • Developer
  • Mobile Excellence
  • Honorable

Our site won the Honorable Mention, and if a site, such as ours, eventually wins a certain number of points, it will be considered for the coveted Site of the Day and even win entry in the publication The 365 Best Websites in the World of 2019.

«When we decided to create this website – commented Cantina di Soave General Manager Bruno Trentini – what we really wanted was that it be highly representative of the image we have created for Maximilian I, a brand that is of crucial importance for our winery. We paid great attention to immediacy and usability, and particularly to creativity. We worked very hard to ensure that it embodied an attractive simplicity on all levels, and at the end of the design phase we were satisfied with what we had achieved. We really didn’t expect this award, so it’s obviously a lovely plus for us. Now that we are at this point, we hope that this award is just the first step on the road to more and more prestigious recognitions».