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Recioto di Soave Docg Dolce

The Veneto’s first wine to receive the prestigious DOCG designation, in 1998.
A wine with deep roots in the past, one of the Veneto area’s most sought-after jewels.
The term Recioto, which gives this wine its name, comes from the Venetian dialect recia, an ear, referring to the upper part of the Garganega grape cluster, which because of its full exposure to the sun boasts a high sugar content.

 Grapes  Garganega

 Vinification and maturation  The grape clusters intended for Recioto are allowed to naturally dry in special drying lofts through the following winter. They are then pressed, and the must ferments very slowly; the resultant wine then ages in the bottle

Appearance  Straw yellow with luminous highlights

Bouquet  Deep, smooth impressions of honey and caramelised fruit

Palate  Rich, intense flavours with a delicate, long-lingering finish

Alcohol  12,5%

Enjoy at  6-8°C.

Size  750 ml