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Perlit sparklers boast new arrivals and a new look

120 years of constant evolution is the proud hallmark of Cantina di Soave, a history that can be summed up in three words: growth, quality, and innovation.
Among the new developments introduced this year by the historic Verona-area producer is the re-styling of the entire Perlit line, a collection of lively, ultra-appealing sparkling wines produced through a slow, natural fermentation and designed for restaurant wine-lists and wine bars.
The new graphics convey the wines’ decisive, forward-looking character and stand out for the labels’ delicate, attractive colours and clean, minimal lines. The common thread running through the entire line is the new shape of the bottle, evidencing values that are both esthetic and ethical, since the bottle itself is lighter than that previously used and thus represents a sensitivity to sustainability.
One of the standard-bearers of the line, Rosé Extra Dry, emerges from the re-styling with a completely new dress, abandoning its traditional green glass in favour of transparency, thus putting on gorgeous display its lovely pink hue.
But appearance is not the only development, since Perlit now boasts two new line-members that add considerable value to the collection: Garda Brut and Prima Cuvée Extra Dry sparkling wines.
Garda Brut shows a pronounced crispness, with fragrant floral notes and citrusy impressions of lemon blossom and citron, which make it a “must-enjoy” as an aperitif and throughout the meal as well.
Prima Cuvée Extra Dry, on the other hand, is a light, crisp sparkler whose hallmarks are delicious notes of white melon and plum, alongside subtly pungent lemon balm and acacia blossom, making it the ideal choice for an aperitif and for a cocktail base.
In addition to Garda Brut, Prima Cuvée Extra Dry, and Rosé Extra Dry, the Perlit line features Prosecco Brut, a Müller Thurgau Brut, a Dolce sparkling wine, and a Recioto di Soave Dolce.