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Rocca Sveva wins the Best of Wine Tourism 2021

Best of Wine Tourism, the enotourism competition sponsored by the Verona Chamber of Commerce, this year completed its fifth season. The project’s mission is to improve Verona’s fine wine and food establishments and projects and to award those that stand out for their originality and high quality. Each year, wineries may compete in categories that include hospitality, fine food services, architecture, landscape, art and culture, innovative enotourism outreach, and sustainable enotourism practices.

This year, ninety wine producers partecipated, including Cantina di Soave’s Cantina Rocca Sveva, which competed in the innovative experiences category and took home the prestigious 2021 edition of the prize.

The motivation for the prize reads: “For the innovative hospitality programme that enables one of Europe’s largest wineries to host thousands of visitors, who thus are given a unique experience of the fine taste and culture of wine.

The jury was impressed by the sheer number and outstanding quality of enotourism experiences offered by Cantina di Soave, both outdoors in fine weather and indoors in winter months, a programme that is becoming richer every year.