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Rocca Sveva achieves VIVA Certification

One year on from the official signing of the participation agreement, the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea of Italy has granted VIVA certification both to Rocca Sveva Soave Classico as well as to the entire Rocca Sveva organisation.

VIVA, which signifies Sustainable Winegrowing in Italy, is a project promoted by the Ministry, in collaboration with the OPERA Centre for Research in sustainable agriculture at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

A voluntary program based on 4 indicators—water, air, vineyard, and growing area–, it analyses the sustainably parameters of the wine production sector, by measuring the environmental, social, and economic factors associated with the production of wine.

Under the rubric of AIR, it evaluated the impact of the production of each individual product and of the entire spectrum of winery activities on climate change, and therefore the amount of greenhouse gasses produced during the winery’s normal production process.

Under the rubric of WATER, it evaluated the total amount of fresh water consumed, both by the entire production facility and by the production of each 750ml bottle of wine, taking account as well of water consumed and polluted during the various stages of wine production.

Under the rubric of VINEYARD, it evaluated the vineyard management practices, in particular use of agrichemicals and their impact on bodies of water and on soils.

Finally, under the rubric of VINEYARD, it evaluated the impacts of winery activities on the growing area and on the local communities, and their effects on biodiversity, the landscape, and on society.

In practice, evaluation was performed of every single operation carried out over the course of the studied solar year: use of electrical energy for running equipment and for lighting buildings and for the production process; gas used for heating; consumption of water and disposal of refuse; fuel used by winery machines and by employees in traveling to and from home, just the mention a few concrete examples.

Also examined were the impacts created by emissions generated by production, by the shipping of the various packaging materials used for products, as well as those generated by shipments of the various products throughout Italy and across Europe. In addition, a huge number of hours were spent on field for analysing the vineyards that yield the grapes for producing our Soave Classico Rocca Sveva.

«I am immensely proud of the results – commented Rocca Sveva winemaker Giancarlo Piubelli – this certification bears eloquent testimony to our commitment to a sustainable winegrowing, while at same time respecting everything that surrounds our production processes, from the growing area to our production crew and to consumers. It has been a long, demanding journey, but it has enabled us to monitor the division of consumption among our various activities so that we can identify and apply measures necessary for optimising operations to achieve even greater savings in energy and costs».

«V.I.V.A. – stated Bruno Trentini, General Manager of Cantina di Soave – is one of the many green projects that Cantina di Soave is advancing. We have undertaken this commitment because we believe that it is essential to engage in agriculture in a way that combines our production and economic requirements with respect for the environment and its natural systems, and always with an awareness that our activity has impacts that fall outside the confines of our individual vineyards and involve our overall area and the surrounding communities. This certification does not represent a point of arrival but a true point of departure: since we operate in an area which has always concentred on grape-growing, preserving it is for us a true moral responsibility, above all for future generations».