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Soavemente: the pizza made with Soave Classico Superiore Castelcerino Rocca Sveva

Instructor-Maestro Stefano Miozzo, lead pizzaiolo of the Al Borgo 1964 pizzeria in Cerea (Verona) and world champion in three separate categories – twice-baked (in pala) pizza, team pizza, and the triathlon—always nourished an unusual dream, to create a pizza whose dough would contain wine.

After months of research, study, and failed attempts, he can now claim to have succeeded, since Soavemente now graces gourmands’ tables, an extraordinary gourmet pizza whose dough boasts as an ingredient our own Soave Classico Superiore Castelcerino Rocca Sveva. The remaining ingredients sapiently combine to create a magisterial sensory complex: fior di latte mozzarella, sea urchin, camomile-infused asparagus, smoked burrata, blue lobster, cashews, and dried raspberries.

The Sommelier Enrico Fiorini recommends pairing the Soavemente pizza with… Castelcerino Soave so that one can encounter in the glass the fragrances and impressions hinted at so delicately in the dough.

Then one simply closes one’s eyes and savours an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Curious to taste this delicacy?