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Sorsi d’Arte: Cantina di Soave is Official Wine Partner of ArtVerona 2016

Press Release

From Friday to Monday, 14-17 October, in pavilions 11 and 12 at Veronfiere, ArtVerona ǀ Art Project Fair will take place. This festival of modern and contemporary art turns 12 years old this year, and has totalled 22,000 visitors and 1,150 participating artists over its lifetime. It is now recognised as one of the leading cultural events of its kind.

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This year, the Official Wine Partner of this prestigious festival is Cantina di Soave, which has long been involved in the worlds of art and culture. The producer will not only participate in the fair, but in all of the offsite events as well, bringing to guests its Lessini Durello Settecento33 sparkling wine and its Verona-area classics, the Rocca Sveva line.

Winemaking is a true art. This is the leitmotif of the participation ArtVerona 2016 by the historic Soave-area winery, since there exists an intimate bond between art and wine: in both cases, material is transformed into emotion. Nothing is more concrete than a canvas or a cluster of grapes, and nothing can convey an emotion better than a painting or a good wine.

“Our collaboration with ArtVerona,” explained Bruno Trentini, Managing Director of Cantina di Soave, “is the natural evolution of a philosophy espoused for some time now by the Cantina, the idea, that is, that wine is a brief moment of beauty that enfolds in itself the natural energy of the earth and nature from which it takes its being, is the fascination of tradition, and the pleasure of a nonpareil moment to savour, sip after sip.”

Sorsi d’Arte (Sipping Art): Saturday and Sunday, 15-16 October, in pavilion 11 of Veronafiere, starting at 5.00pm, our wines will be the stars of two unusual aperitifs, in which guests will sip our wines while enjoying a performance by SoundArt, a “sound artwork” that will be interpreted by Gianluca Codeghini, in a dialogue with trumpeter Marco Mariani. Far from being a simple tasting, then, Sipping Art is a journey into the soul through the pathway of the senses.

Sunday, 16 October, starting at 8.00pm, ArtVerona will move virtually to Rocca Sveva, Cantina di Soave’s prestigious production complex, with a site-specific, triple artistic creation, entitled R comme résistance. Re minore K626. Inspired by Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D Minor (K 626), and absorbing the Mozart motif that constitutes the common thread of all of the collateral events of the year’s edition of ArtVerona, artists Lucia Cristiani, Donata Lazzarini, and Gianluca Codeghini executed a meditation on the concept of resistance, designing three installations for placement inside the striking Cantina Rocca Sveva underground galleries, which, significantly enough, were provided shelter, during the Second World war, during air attacks. The artists’ installations will remain in place from 12-17 October.

«Resist means many things,” explained Donata Lazzarini, artist and Professor at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera,” and that concept is quite apropos to the world of wine as well.”

Consider the grapevine, which resists for years and years against all adversities, solidly rooted in the ground and at the same time reaching towards the heavens. In all likelihood, this is why great wines are so: they are both earthly and heavenly at the same time. Hence the genesis of this art performance at Rocca Sveva, which will explore the multiple aspects of the concept resist, through musical intimations, tactile sensations, material effects, and signs of light.

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