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SUSTAINABLITY: Rocca Sveva progresses towards VIVA Certification

Cantina di Soave continues its progress towards “VIVA – Sustainable Wine” certification, promoted by Italy’s Environment Ministry.

Our objective is product certification for our Rocca Sveva Soave Classico wine and organization certification for Cantina Rocca Sveva.

This voluntary programme, in which an independent third-party agency examines four indicators—air, water, vineyard, and growing area–, is focused on achieving sustainability in the vinicultural sector, through protecting and promoting the environmental, social, and economic factors related to the production of wine.

During Vinitaly, the winery signed an official agreement with the Ministry for the Environment, and just a few days ago we finished the harvest in our sustainably-managed vineyards. Our objective is to limit use of weed-killers and anti-fungal treatments, in order to practice an agriculture that respects to the highest degree possible the environment and its natural ecosystems.

We have undertaken this exciting green initiative and are pushing forward with it in accord with our basic philosophy of unrelenting improvement and of striving over the long term for ever more ambitious goals.

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