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Sweet, sweet Byblos with Rocca Sveva and Settecento33

On Tuesday, 26 June, Rocca Sveva’s wines and Settecento33 sparkling wine occupied the spotlight at a very exclusive event of “five-star” pastry-making that took place in Verona around the swimming pool of the Byblos Hotel Villa Amistà, a 16th-entury Venetian villa renovated into an elegant luxury hotel cum world-class permanent exhibition of contemporary art and design.

In this magic spot, so rich in history, art, and glamour, that lies right in the heart of Valpolicella, on a romantic summer evening, immersed in an atmosphere of a refined and picturesque fair of times past, five renowned pastry chefs introduced their creations. Among the wines that accompanied these sweet artworks was Rocca Sveva’s Recioto di Soave Classico, an ultra-elegant interpretation of Verona’s classic sweet wine, and the Lessini Durello Settecento33 sparkler.

The chefs and their creations:

  • Loretta Fanella, Best Pastry Chef in Italy: “Scents of Summer”
  • Lucca Cantarin, Bronze Medal, World Pastry Competition: “The Veneziana croissant”
  • Roberto Bonato of Gelateria Zeno and one of Italy’s finest gelato masters: “…Spontaneous Gelatos …”
  • Antonio Vitale and Sandro Burato of Agugiaro & Figna: “Crown of Summer”
  • Franco Ascari, Best Chocolatier in Italy: “Purée of creamy basil and strawberry inspiration, with a yogurt and coconut crisp”
  • Marco Perez & Raffaella Spolsino, Pastry Chef of Amistà33: “Peaches, Raspberries, & Buttermilk”

«A fabulous night under the stars,” commented Lucca Cantarin, Bronze Medal, World Pastry Competition. “A sweet-keyed celebration in an enchanted venue, among discerning guests and wonderful wines. My objective was to pair my creation, a mother-yeast Veneziana croissant with pistachio gelato, chocolate biscuit, and sweet salt, with the Rocca Sveva Recioto di Soave Classico, and the happy result surprised me, because not only did that result in a lovely harmony of flavours, but it created a velvety, enfolding mouthfeel that I’d define as almost the embodiment of softness. A must-try!»

Loretta Fanella, Best Pastry Chef in Italy, on the other hand, loved pairing her creation with Settecento33, whose nuances of citrus perfectly complemented her ‘Scents of Summer,” an extremely refined amalgam of fragrances, flavours, and impressions.