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The 2019 Calendar of Cantina di Soave

The new year is almost upon us, and to celebrate it we decided to continue down the road that leads to Beauty. Thus, our 2019 Calendar is a homage to Capri, that intriguing icon of loveliness, celebrated throughout the world as the quintessential spot for living the Italian lifestyle.

«Our calendars – explained Cantina di Soave General Manager Bruno Trentini – are the pictorial expression of a journey that we have been on now for some years, a journey of discovery of our own beautiful country, la bella Italia. Gazing at it through the medium of wine, almost as if it were a special lens that gives us access to a totally different dimension, through our calendars we are attempting to convey the personal experience and the emotions of living in this corner of earth and being able to savour its unique atmosphere».

This year’s photographer, Alberto Buzzanca, faced the challenge of pictorially representing the beauty of the Italian way of life, a subjective, variegated concept certainly difficult to circumscribe. His achievement is represented by 12 large-format colour photographs, displaying, as their common thread, wine understood as beauty, style, and pleasure.

The images of Buzzanca narrate a story of a day whose moments include an aperitif in a cosy piazza, a barefoot stroll on the beach, a boat-ride out to the isle’s famous Faraglioni rocks, a day of peace, of contentment.

Because at times, bliss requires very little, like surrendering oneself to just wandering aimlessly, a glass of good wine in hand, through Capri’s maze of narrow streets, and then the unexpected happens, and the sea opens stupendous before your eyes.