Verona 9/12 April

Vinitaly 2017: Cantina di Soave’s Array of New Developments

Vinitaly 2017: Cantina di Soave’s Array of New Developments
Between 9-12 April we invite you to our stand F4 in Pad. 4

  • Verona · Hall 4 Stand F4

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Press release

«Very shortly after Prowein – explains Bruno Trentini, General Manager of Cantina di Soave – we always have to get ready to do the best we can at Vinitaly, since the Verona fair affords us an excellent opportunity to strengthen our long-term relationships and to establish new ones, both in the Italian and international markets.

Vinitaly is also the stage on which to unveil new products and announce developments; ours this year cover many different fields: our company’s production facilities, sustainability, our products, communications, and marketing. These represent a continuous process of horizontal re-invention, in which we tirelessly invest, always fully respecting our origins and the great traditions of which we are proud heirs. Innovation is absolutely crucial, precisely in order to carry forward those values that have always been at the heart of Cantina di Soave’s philosophy: development and promotion of our traditional local denominations and the strengthening of our company brands, this year focussing special attention on our sparkling wines».

With respect to our production facilities, the important new development is the project for the total reorganisation of our production facilities in Viale della Vittoria, in Soave. Over the last decade, we have more than doubled the quantity of grapes we produce, by incorporating other wineries in the area. This growth in processing has inevitably impacted our bottling capacity. We presently bottle some 30 million bottles per year, or 20% of our total wine production. Our new facility, once completed, will allow us to process annually some 80 million bottles, or 50-60% of what our members bring in. This will take about three years and will be one of the largest projects in the wine industry over the last twenty years, and once completed, it will give us a 100% vertically-integrated operation that will fully guarantee the quality of our wines “from grape to bottle.”

Cantina di Soave is an adherent of the national “VIVA – Sustainable Wine” project, with the objective of official product certification for our Soave Classico Rocca Sveva and organization certification for our Cantina Rocca Sveva. This is a voluntary project that utilizes an independent third party to verify four indicators (air, water, vineyards, and growing area) in order to analyse sustainability parameters within the wine production sector and to develop and protect environmental, social, and economic aspects associated with wine production. On Sunday, 9 April, at Vinitaly, the agreement will be officially signed between Cantina di Soave and Italy’s Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea.

Vinitaly 2017 will also see the official online launch of Cantina di Soave’s new website. This is a long-awaited moment for us, since it is the culmination of long, hard work on our part. The challenge we faced was to communicate in the clearest possible way the values that go to compose our identity, yet at the same time to convey the emotions that are inherent in wine, the poetry that every glass contains. Those who are curious to see if we have succeeded in our intent can explore that very website during Vinitaly, thanks to a large touch-screen located right at the entrance to our stand.

The main news is the official introduction of the Riserva 36-month Classic Method version of Settecento33 Lessini Durello. The Settecento33 has received great acclaim, thanks to its charmat version, introduced some years ago; it has already achieved cult status in the sparkler world, and is much-sought after in Italy’s most popular bars and restaurants. The classic-method version was thus an absolute necessity, and it now comes on the stage after a lengthy maturation of over 36 months.

During Vinitaly, the spotlight will be on our Settecento33 brand in an initiative focussing on Italy’s savoir-faire, organised in collaboration with high-fashion designer Lorenzo Mossa, who has created a capsule collection of clothing, all made exclusively by hand, inspired by our Settecento33 sparkling wine. The textiles and colours, as well as shapes, seeming almost sculpted into the fabric by Mossa’s hands, describe, or, better interpret sparkling wine, thanks to a subtle interplay of suggestions and references, almost as if the garments are a mirror that reflects the innermost spirit of Settecento33.
This event is very multi-faceted, with venues both at the wine fair and outside the salon in the centre of Verona. Throughout the entire duration of Vinitaly, four models will create a kind of continuous happening by parading with Mossa’s creations. On opening day, Sunday, 9 April, will see a truly original event, involving a custom-designed set, among the pavilions and stands, for extemporaneous photographs of the models.
This Settecento33 event will culminate, on Tuesday evening, 11 April, at Casa Mazzanti Caffè in Piazza delle Erbe, in the centre of Verona: beginning at 10.00pm, the models, Mossa’s high-fashion clothes and, obviously, our sparkling wines, will be awaiting you, to offer an homage to beauty, to the passion that drives the creative force, to Made in Italy, and, overall, to that totally Italian style of living that makes us so unique in the world.
For more information, go to Facebook page @Settecento33. Or contact us for even more information on the event

In the meantime, from 9 to 12 April, come and visit us at our stand F4 in Pad. 4

Maddalena Peruzzi
Press and Communications Office