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Wed. 11 July the venue is at Twiga

The Rocca Sveva Verona-tradition wines and Lessini Durello Settecento33 sparkling wine will be in the spotlight, on Wednesday, 11 July 2018, at a prestigious first-ever event at Flavio Briatore’s celebrated Twiga Beach Club in Tuscany’s Versilia.

The evening will be redolent of the magic atmosphere of summer and of that classically Italian savoir-faire, with a focus on the Verona growing area, an exclusive event combining leisure and fine taste, set in a location of world-class luxury, right in the heart of Versilia.

The event consists of two successive parts. The first, from 7.00 to 9.00pm, will feature an “adventure in fine taste” showcasing the acclaimed specialty foods and wines of the Verona area. In the spotlight will be the traditional products from La Casara, an artisanal Verona-area cheese-maker that produces the highest quality cheeses and prosciuttos, plus finger foods from the Dogana Veneta restaurant. Rocca Sveva wines and the Settecento33 sparkling wine will animate this culinary adventure among Verona’s sensory treasures.

After 9.00pm, the focus will be on an exclusive tasting dinner, with classic dishes prepared by the chefs of Dogana Veneta, in Lazise, which is a co-sponsor of the event. Nothing will be left to chance during this gala dinner; every detail will be overseen and custom-created by the Dogana Veneta chefs and by the Cantina di Soave sommelier. The dinner promises to be a prestigious and adventuresome journey through all five senses!

Viale Roma 2, Marina Di Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy

+39 0584 21518 | +39 393 9356127